Welcome To WiiChat.com

Welcome to WiiChat.com We are currently a new site and a  growing community, and welcome all to our site with open arms. This is not a site strickly about one purpose, we talk about everything from, britteny spears haircut, to peanut butter sandwiches. Visit our Blog Section for more information. So don't be shy to speak your mind, but watch your language because kids may be on, this is not strickly an adult website, agian we welcome ALL. ;]

Owner: iCam    Admin1: Sonny  Admin2:    Admin3:   

New Updates.

-Myspace Section: Half-Way Complete.
-Edit Contact Information, make sure codes work.
-Welcome new Admin: Sonny.
-Game arcade added, Thanks to MINICLIP.COM

Upcoming Updates.

-Get blog started(see how people like website.)
-Finish Myspace/Facebook.
 -Get registration fully working.
-Pick another Admin.