Please wait a few seconds for the WiiChat to load. Thank You.

Welcome, to the FCR(Free Chat Room).

How to Set a Name for WiiChat.
-Click on Set Your Name, Bottom right corner
-Enter what you want to be your username(name people can see). Then enter a password you will remember. If you happen to forget your passes, go under Contact information and send me an e-mail i can find your password for you.
-Enter your real e-mail address, we will not show anybody your e-mail address, only admins can see.
-DO NOT: put Admin or GM in front of your name , or i will trace your IP address and you will be banned from WiiChat.

If you are a real GM, i will make an account for you, and send you an e-mail address with the information, or you can tell me what you want to be your username/password. But i have to make so i can give you the prevliges.